Sharpening the Edge Edge - Call to Action 


The purpose of this course is to provide essential business leadership skills for all first line supervisors and managers in order to leverage their technical and analytical skills through professional relationships.



cir b  Recognize the impact of leader behaviors when determining how to drive business results

cir b  Strengthen partnerships and communication between direct reports, peers, and senior leaders

cir b  Apply the three elements of the Situational Leadership ® II Model:

     1.    Goal Setting
     2.    Diagnosing
     3.    Matching

cir b  Prepare an action plan in support of one departmental goal

cir b  Discuss and document an individual development plan with manager or mentor

cir b  Value relationship building as the foundation of leadership


Target Audience

cir b  Newly promoted managers requiring a framework on how to successfully lead teams

cir b  Seasoned managers wishing to sharpen their adaptive leadership skills

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