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The ABS Experience provides leadership teams a blend of team building, strategic planning, and an “All American” feel that few will ever forget.  Each program is uniquely designed based on our client's needs and is researched prior to the event.  As part of the day’s activities, participants experience a private guided tour of the United States Military Academy at West Point with time to reflect how to incorporate lessons within their own business settings. 



cir b  Review industry trends, issues, and opportunities facing the organization 

cir b  Facilitate small group brainstorming for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks

cir b  Conduct historical tour of West Point and team building exercise

cir b  Create a vivid description and  strategic "Road Map" for leading the future organization

cir b  Agree on a list of priorities, initiatives, and/or key performance measures to monitor progress


Target Audience

cir b  Executive Leadership Teams within a private, public, or non-profit setting

cir b  Small business owners seeking to build their team around a common plan

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