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So, you've mastered the skills of a First-Line Leader.  Congratulations.  Now what?  How do you become a leader of leaders?  

The Leader of Leaders Executive Development Program takes participants to their next level of effectiveness.  It teaches a person how to transform from effective manager to respected leader.

How do I better prepare for the future?  How can I grow my business? What more can I do to engage my people?  How do I build a culture based on trust?  At end of this program, particpants receive answers to these important questions and more.  



cir b  Learn how to become a strategic thinker who seeks innovation and creates the future

cir b  Leverage various business management frameworks to best articulate your plans

cir b  Define the organizational culture required for success with a strategy for reinforcement

cir b  Develop improved communications for growing a team's sense of purpose, value, and inclusion

cir b  Understand your leadership style preferences and develop a plan to become more effective


Target Audience

cir b  Organizational Leaders within a private, public, or non-profit setting

cir b  Entrepreneurs requiring organizational leadership skills to manage growth of their business

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