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Customized as a team building or strategic planning offsite, the West Point Experience takes place on the grounds of the United States Military Academy with a historic tour intended to provide valuable leadership insights.  Program content specific to the client's needs is negotiated/researched prior to event.



cir b  Review industry trends, issues, and opportunities facing the organization 

cir b  Facilitate small group brainstorming for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks

cir b  Conduct historical tour on the grounds of West Point, highlighting major challenges and triumphs faced by leaders and the nation

cir b  Develop a strategic "Road Map" for leading the organization over the next 1 -3 years

cir b  Determine list of priority initiatives and key performance measures to use to monitor progress


Target Audience

cir b  Executive Leadership Teams within a private, public, or non-profit setting

cir b  Small business owners seeking to build their team around a common plan

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